What is the designer’s role in terms of sustainability? Is there a responsibility? What do you think?


Sustainability is almost given now. You have to be sustainable and you have to think socially and how it is going to impact not only the client but also where the product or the design is going to exist. You almost don’t need to promote sustainability, as it needs to become second nature.


I think in this country we have a lot of politicians who downplay sustainability. As it seems more about the dollar than the environment...
So, I think designers have a perfect launch pad to lead what the politicians can’t or won’t do and have a look at innovation, cleaner design, and more sustainable thinking... then you can have a real impact. Even if the politicians are pushing that, we can do our best to inform the general public as to how this can be done. I think there are good things happening around the world…. and as designers, if you are a proper designer you really should be thinking about everything, and that of course includes sustainability. It is a natural progression to being green.

The problem for us is how we convince the client to spend more money on sustainability. It’s about everyone wanting to be green and sustainable, but when money becomes an issue and the green way is a lot more expensive than the other then there is the need for education...

I think, as you move forward, as designers in general, if politicians cannot lead that way, it has to be designers who create things that everybody uses, and that make the change; then who needs politicians? (laughing).


It’s creating the need and want from the designer perspective and using the best practice so that people need and want the best design for social and sustainability resasons...

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we met up with pete johnson and aj storen from CAN I PLAY in a nice industrial area of south melbourne. they have known each other since their childhood days and started their company 10 years ago. their clients are from all corners of the business world.

they work with all mediums and in vast dimensions when conceptualising a project. „as a studio we hold a strong belief that the creative process is constantly in motion, that ideas come from everywhere and anywhere, not from big words or simply switching on a computer."



date: february
city: melbourne
interview with: pete johnson / aj storen

"Traveling for 1 year after I had studied for 4 years was more of a learning experience than in those 4 years at university."




Art Direction, Brand Creation, Identity Design, Graphic Design


Ombra Salumi bar is the newest Grossi venture, opening right next door to much-loved Grossi Florentino, a Melbourne city Restaurant Institution.


Guy Grossi spoke with Pete about his intensions for a simple brand based around the meaning of the expression 'Ombra'... Directly translating to 'shadow', Northern Italians use the phase loosely to reference the idea of having a drink and a snack in the shade on a hot afternoon... And good times:)

all images of the featured project OMBRA are from CAN I PLAY.